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Digital : a must have leverage tool to make your business grow

29 Sep 2014, by sobe in News

The global digital transformation is an opportunity to find new business leverages, companies can find essential growth tools.

Nearly half of the 505 companies with more than 50 employees interviewed by the firm feel and deployment of digital technology in the company has a positive impact on their sales.

According to the study, more mature companies in terms of digital have also registered a growth of their business six times higher than that of the less mature business figure.

“There is a threshold effect, a quarter of the less mature companies is very far behind in terms of growth, and there is a danger that is identified for those who have not started their digital transformation,” said AFP Jerome Colin, Senior expert telecom issues, media and internet at Roland Berger.

The majority of French companies just a base of basic uses and show a wait position with regard to digital, the study said.

Less than 30% use online data, 15% of companies have developed a mobile application, and 13% of programming interfaces.

“The digital transformation also has a very positive social and societal impact on business,” Judge Jerome Colin.

Company employees in their most advanced digital processing are more happy with higher than in less developed index wellness professional 50%.

“They feel more invested and have a much better path in their business,” said the expert.

“If there is an awareness with still 57% of companies that identify the digital as a strategic priority in the medium term, only 36% of them have a formalized digital strategy,” said Colin.

Another paradox lies in the delay of traffic companies compared to their counterparts in Europe and especially the use of French consumers.

In advance at European level, they are 59% have made ??a purchase online last year while 11% of French companies offer their products on the internet.

The study conducted in collaboration with Cap Digital and support Google believes that companies that would lead a real acceleration of their digital transformation policy, relying in particular on their employees can expect a doubling of real growth .


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